Angela Post was born in the Yukon and grew up in a mining town inhabited by about 500 people. She writes young adult fiction and short stories. Angela will have a novel coming soon about ancient Pompeii called In the Shadow of a Thousand Generations:

17-year-old Laelia receives a peculiar clock and letter from Cornelia, a distant relative from the future. Cornelia attempts to recruit Laelia for a rescue mission to save a family member from a fatal genetic disease. Laelia resists until she realizes that her younger brother’s life is threatened by the same symptoms. Together, they must return to ancient Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupts to save a slave girl who was destined to be the key to the cure.

The rescue mission is riddled with challenges. Along the way, Laelia meets Marcus, the son of baker. She finds herself falling for him even though their values clash. Laelia is forbidden to influence anyone in ancient Pompeii more than is necessary. She is mortified when she accidently brings back several guests from antiquity to her own time period. Laelia is forced to choose between saving her brother’s life and her undeniable affection for Marcus.


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